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set data cap limit

If you’re anything like myself, you dread that time of the month when the cell phone bill comes in. There’s something about paying close to $70 a month for 6 GB’s of data that bothers me. Especially when my computers ISP would allow me 25 GB’s daily for close to the same price.

It gets even worse though when you go over your cellular usage limit. That’s when they really start to gouge you. All of a sudden you’re paying very heavily for a small amount of data.

Within iOS on your iPhone or iPad you’re able to track your data usage, and manually reset the statistics for monthly cycles. The drawback with this is it doesn’t always prevent overusing data since it doesn’t actually notify you when it’s going over the limit. Another hindrance is that you need to manually reset it at your monthly billing cycle, and it’s easier to forget to do that than it is to remember to do it.

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iphone hotspot, ipad hotspot, hotspot, ios device

Turning your iPhone or iPad (with cellular capabilities) into a personal hotspot is a simple and easy way to get Wi-Fi capable or Bluetooth device connected to the internet when no other Wi-Fi access is available. Using a personal hotspot turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable Wi-Fi station, fully equipped with password protection so only the people you want to allow to connect can connect.

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sync ipad iphone ipod with itunes over wifi

One of the worst things about syncing an iOS device was that it had to be plugged in to your computer by USB. Not anymore. Now, if your computer and iOS device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can sync all your applications, books, movies, tv shows, music, podcast, audiobooks, ringtones and photos without plugging any wires in.

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