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best window alternative software

When I first switched to Mac, I wasn’t sure which applications would be best suited to replace my Windows programs. Most of the programs that I used on my Windows PC didn’t have a Mac version and this led to trying to find the best alternative.

But how do you go about finding the best Windows alternative application when every company says theirs is the best?

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parallels 8 review run windows pc games mac programs

For a lot of people when you mention switching from a PC to a Mac it’s common to hear that they can’t or won’t because PC programs don’t work on Mac OS X. Well that’s not really the case at all.

Run Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously with Parallels!

There are two ways of running Windows on your Mac with Parallels, you can have Windows run in a window or have Windows open its programs right next to your Mac apps.

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how do i run windows 7 8 on mac os x mountain lion bootcamp

BootCamp Assistant is an application made by Apple that makes it easy to install and run Windows on a Mac.  It’s not absolutely necessary to use the BootCamp Assistant however it does somewhat simply the process. It does this by automatically creating a separate partition on your hard drive and then uses that partition to run Windows on the Mac. The steps taken by BootCamp to install Windows on a Mac can also all be accomplished by using Disk Utility so we’ll go through both methods.

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windows disk format mac

When I first got my Mac, the very first problem I had was trying to figure out why I couldn’t write anything to my Windows formatted external hard drive. Turns out Macs don’t natively allow writing to a drive that’s formatted as NTFS (New Technology File System), which is the format that Windows uses.

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