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easy mavericks install terminal

In a previous post I went through the lengthy method of creating a bootable USB Flash drive that could be used to install OS X Mavericks as well as a really simple solution that involves using an application called DiskMaker X.

This post will go through another method that utilizes a single Terminal Command.

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reindex finder

Occasionally problems can arise with search results in Spotlight. This is caused by the search index getting corrupt. When searching for something, Spotlight doesn’t search every file on your computer, that would take way to long. What happens instead, is that all the contents on your computer is added to an index, the Spotlight Index. This includes meta tag data, every word inside your documents, emails… and pretty much everything else.

It’s not unheard of for Spotlight to have some issues, and keeping track of the constant ever changing data on your computer has been known to trip it up every now and then. Sometimes when search for something, Spotlight may refuse to acknowledge it’s existence, even if you’re blatantly staring at in on your desktop.

Also, if you’re having issues with it taking a long time, these methods will also speed up Spotlight search.

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what is ds store file?

Until a little while ago the .DS_Store file was well hidden from my eyes. During my daily work process, I started to realize this DS_Store file was appearing almost everywhere. Soon its presence became a question of its occurrence and need. I tried opening this strange file but couldn’t do so.

When I tried to open the DS_Store file I was presented with an error saying, “There is no application set to open the document “.DS_Store”.

My overall experience with DS_Store file made me scratch my head and dig deep into its occurrence & behaviour.

.DS_Store file? What – Why – Where – How?

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change default screenshot format save destination

By default OS X saves screenshots in the .png image format. The destination used to save the captured screenshot is by default the Mac Desktop. At times I wondered if I could alter the settings to change the screenshot format as well as its location. Due to plenty of screen captures in a day, my desktop becomes horribly cluttered.

To begin with, I must launch the Terminal application by opening Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. As we know, the Terminal application is mainly about the flow of commands to execute a task. All you need to know is the exact command lines used to execute these tasks.

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delete duplicates in open with right click mac os x mountain lion mavericks

Having multiple duplicates of apps in the “Open With” menu in Mac OS X can get very annoying and quickly make things look messy. This is a problem I run into quite often as I’m constantly installing and uninstalling apps. Fact of the matter is that an app doesn’t need to be listed multiple times in the right-click (control-click) menu.

Inside this article are 2 ways to remove the duplicates that always seem to sneak in.

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zip mac file, compress, rar, zip, mac

Compressing (zipping) files does two things, it combines all the selected files/folders into one file as well as minimizes the file size of the original file into a newly created zip file. When emailing photos or sharing files online it is best to compress all files together and sent as one file instead of sending 50 different files. There are however certain files that you’ll notice once compressed don’t actually zip down the file size, this is because some files already come compressed.
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show hidden files and folders mac library

Apple hides certain files and folders; this is normally a good thing because tampering with hidden system files could crash your Mac if you don’t know what you’re doing. However certain circumstances require access to the hidden files & folders, luckily there are a few easy ways to show all the hidden items.

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