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auto add holidays to calendar app

Surprisingly there is no simple switch to flick on your iOS device or Mac that auto-adds holidays to the Calendar app. That however doesn’t mean that there isn’t a free and simple solution.

I couple of years ago I actually spent money on an app from the App Store to import calendars to my Calendar app. Granted it was only $0.99, but still, I could be $0.99 richer right now. That being said, I’ve decided to pass on this little tip to all of you, not only to save you a bit of spare change but because a Calendar just isn’t complete until you add the Holidays to it.

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without iTunes sync

In a previous article I talked about how to sync unconverted videos in iTunes. In this article I’ll go through how to sync videos without having to use iTunes at all.

There are a few ways of using VLC to bypass the need for iTunes when it comes to syncing videos. You can transfer without iTunes via your browser, Dropbox and even from Web Servers and Network Streams.

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can't see phone number iPad ipod iMessages

iMessages is the free text messages service from Apple, it allows you to use your email address or your phone number to send text messages. The problem is it can sometimes be troublesome to get your phone number to transfer to your iPad and iPod from the iPhone.

In most circumstances the phone number should transfer over, incase it doesn’t here’s how to get it working properly.

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make itunes sync faster speed up itunes

Ever wanted to quickly sync up that new song to your iOS device 2 minutes before you leave for work? I have, and in most cases I have to cancel the sync because… well instead of quickly just syncing my one song, iTunes decides that I should also have my genius results synced for all my 4000 songs. In this guide I’ll go through some tips and methods to speed up the way iTunes syncs.

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how do i use reminders app, best reminder for iphone ipod and iPad

Reminders is an app made by Apple that comes pre-installed on Macs with Mountain Lion as well as iPads, iPhones and iPods with iOS 5 and higher. Although it’s a simple app to use there are some features you may not know about that really make this app stand out. There are a multitude of task management apps out there in the App Store, and a lot of them have a lot of powerful features. Reminders was designed to be simple and easy to use without having a ton of features to choose from. Although when you know how to use all of Reminders features it can become a little more powerful. In this article we’ll go though some of features of the Reminders app, such as how to add location-based reminders and how to share your Reminders lists.

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1password review, one password, use one master password computer iphone iPad iPod

What would happen if you only use one password for all your online accounts, and someone got ahold of that password?

Making a habit of creating strong passwords is very important, the problem with strong passwords is they tend to be difficult to remember, especially if you create a unique one for all your accounts.

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safari reader, just article

Reader view in Safari is way of reading an article without being distract by any content other than the content for which you came to the website to read. The Reading List is a way of saving a webpage to read for later, and best of all it automatically syncs to all your iOS devices and other computers with Safari installed. It even automatically saves a copy of the page to Safari’s cache so you can view it offline.

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