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find my lost iphone ipad mini ipod app

Enabling the Find My iPhone feature is one of the first things you should do when acquiring a new iOS device. If you’re anything like me, when you can’t find your iPhone a mini heart attack ensues. Instantly going back to think of all the events of the day in hopes of being able to remember where it may have been left. Another time it comes in really useful is when it can’t be found just before leaving before work because it’s slipped down into some deep crevices in the couch.

Even though the feature is called “Find My iPhone” it works for all iOS devices, even your Mac.

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best antivirus antimalware mac do i need antivirus mac anti malware

There are some that say that there is absolutely no need to use any means of an Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware solution on a Mac. Well, it’s a difficult topic to cover because it’s a yes and no situation. Compared to Windows there is only a fraction of known virus that can affect Mac OS X… but that does mean that there are viruses and malware out there that can affect Macs.

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1password review, one password, use one master password computer iphone iPad iPod

What would happen if you only use one password for all your online accounts, and someone got ahold of that password?

Making a habit of creating strong passwords is very important, the problem with strong passwords is they tend to be difficult to remember, especially if you create a unique one for all your accounts.

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password protect folder and file mac terminal app how to password protect files and folders on mac

Want to keep a private folder or password protect some files? There are a few easy ways to password protect your files and folders to keep prying eyes out, and for security. While Macs allow you to create password protected disk images with Disk Utility, other 3rd party applications give you more options and features.

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