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first look at mavericks

Mavericks was just recently released and hopefully all of us have installed this free version of OS X on our Macs. Once installed, it always fun to explore the new updates and features. Let’s check out what Maverick has to offer.

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When I first got my hands on iOS 7, I was a little worried and confused. I thought Apple had removed the ability to search in Safari on iOS 7. With the release of iOS 7, the function of searching in Safari on an iPad, iPhone and iPod has changed.

Before with previous versions of iOS, there was a search bar right beside the URL field. With iOS 7, the URL field and search field were merged together.

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change icons in toolbar

The toolbar in most apps are where all those handy icons are located for easy and quick access. If you haven’t yet taken the chance to check into what the toolbar options are, you could be surprised at how much more accessible and useful you can make it.

Not all apps have a customizable toolbar. Most browsers let you modify the layout and a few of the native Mac OS X apps are supported. Some of the applications you should definitely have a look at are your most used apps like Finder, Safari, Mail and whatever else falls into your category of most used apps.

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easy compress images pictures mac

ImageOptim is an awesome open source (free) image optimizer. I recently started using it and wanted to let all you know about it.

Optimizing your images with ImageOptim will reduce your image file size while maintaining the same quality. What is does is strip off all the unnecessary data that is included with in the image. For instance it compresses by removing unnecessary information, like EXIF tags, file comments and color profiles.

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top safari alternatives iPhone browser iPad ipod iOS 6 7

Safari is a very popular browser, it’s fast, powerful and even syncs open tabs to all your other devices. But is Safari a browser worthy of your sole dedication? It is not the only browser for iOS, there are a lot of really impressive alternative browsers for your iPad, iPhone and iPod. I’ve spent a few hours testing out around 10 different browsers, and I’ve settled on my top 4 Safari alternative browsers for iOS.

Some are so impressive, you may not even go back to Safari.

To start off we’ll look at Chrome, one of the most popular Safari alternative for iOS.

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what is the best rss feed reeder for mac safari extensions google reader

Not everybody uses RSS feed readers the same way. Some want a desktop RSS client, others want a browser extension and others prefer online RSS readers. Because of that it’s difficult to decide which RSS feed reader is the best, so instead let’s go through the best RSS clients for all of those cases.

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safari reader, just article

Reader view in Safari is way of reading an article without being distract by any content other than the content for which you came to the website to read. The Reading List is a way of saving a webpage to read for later, and best of all it automatically syncs to all your iOS devices and other computers with Safari installed. It even automatically saves a copy of the page to Safari’s cache so you can view it offline.

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