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scan mac hardware

If you’re having issues with your computer lagging, freezing or just plain being sluggish it may be a hardware issue. For instance when your hard drive starts to go, you may notice apps that used to just take a second to load now take half a minute, or you may see boot up times start taking multiple minutes.

For most issues like this, the most common culprit is software. However when you’ve ruled out software as being the culprit, the next place you want to check is the hardware.

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reindex finder

Occasionally problems can arise with search results in Spotlight. This is caused by the search index getting corrupt. When searching for something, Spotlight doesn’t search every file on your computer, that would take way to long. What happens instead, is that all the contents on your computer is added to an index, the Spotlight Index. This includes meta tag data, every word inside your documents, emails… and pretty much everything else.

It’s not unheard of for Spotlight to have some issues, and keeping track of the constant ever changing data on your computer has been known to trip it up every now and then. Sometimes when search for something, Spotlight may refuse to acknowledge it’s existence, even if you’re blatantly staring at in on your desktop.

Also, if you’re having issues with it taking a long time, these methods will also speed up Spotlight search.

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delete duplicates in open with right click mac os x mountain lion mavericks

Having multiple duplicates of apps in the “Open With” menu in Mac OS X can get very annoying and quickly make things look messy. This is a problem I run into quite often as I’m constantly installing and uninstalling apps. Fact of the matter is that an app doesn’t need to be listed multiple times in the right-click (control-click) menu.

Inside this article are 2 ways to remove the duplicates that always seem to sneak in.

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free up itunes space organize iTunes delete copies

Having multiple copies of music, movies, TV shows and other media in your iTunes library can quickly take up a bunch of space. It’s actually very easy to get duplicate copies. They sneak into the library and you rarely ever even notice the space hogs unless you look for them.

Duplicates sneak in like Ninjas

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