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easy mavericks install terminal

In a previous post I went through the lengthy method of creating a bootable USB Flash drive that could be used to install OS X Mavericks as well as a really simple solution that involves using an application called DiskMaker X.

This post will go through another method that utilizes a single Terminal Command.

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Clean Mavericks USB

Mavericks is the latest Mac operating system released by Apple. There are a few reasons why you may desire to install Mavericks from a USB Flash drive. Having it on a USB drive can come in really handy if you have to install Mavericks on multiple Mac’s as it means you don’t have to re-download it onto each of your computers.

Also, it’s really handy if your Mac crashes and the only way to get it working again is to reformat and re-install OS X Mavericks. Also, installing from a USB Flash drive is a lot faster than downloading a new copy from the App Store, it’s even faster than installing from a DVD.

The instructions for setting up a USB Flash drive with OS X Mavericks has slightly changed from the instructions of installing OS X Mountain Lion from USB, but don’t worry about that. I’ll walk your through the whole process.

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how do i run windows 7 8 on mac os x mountain lion bootcamp

BootCamp Assistant is an application made by Apple that makes it easy to install and run Windows on a Mac.  It’s not absolutely necessary to use the BootCamp Assistant however it does somewhat simply the process. It does this by automatically creating a separate partition on your hard drive and then uses that partition to run Windows on the Mac. The steps taken by BootCamp to install Windows on a Mac can also all be accomplished by using Disk Utility so we’ll go through both methods.

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how do i boot from old iPod mac mountain lion os x

Well this started off as just a test to satisfy my own curiosity. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to boot & run Mac OS X Mountain Lion from my old iPod, so I figured I’d give it a shot and see if it worked. 4 hours later, I was running Mac OS X from my iPod. As a matter of fact as I write this article I’m booted into my iPod Classic.

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ipod into a hard drive, carbon copy iPod classic

Do you have an old iPod Classic lying around just collecting dust? If so, why not put it to use. Most of the old iPod Classics have a lot of hard drive space, for instance mine is over 7 years old and has a whopping 80GB of space. It’s scratched up, has been dropped more time than I can remember, but still works like a charm as an external portable drive. It also doesn’t hurt than it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

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format repair fix disk drive mac disk utility

Disk Utility is an App made by Apple that allows you to format and repair your disk drive. Not all drives purchased from an electronics store for instance are properly formatted to work with your Mac. The same goes for drives that say they are compatible with both PC and Mac, if you are planning to use that drive solely for Mac it’s best to format it to the more preferred Mac format.

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install os x usb

There are many reasons why you may want to use a USB Flash drive to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion. If you need to install multiple copies on a few computers, or even prefer not to have to download a new copy every time you have to install the Mac OS. And from what I’ve experienced, installing from a USB Flash drive is faster than installing via downloading a new copy from the Mac App Store or even from DVD. Also USB Flash drives don’t scratch, DVDs do.

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