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record iphone ipad iPod touch screen on mac video

Airplay is an awesome feature that wirelessly sends the screen of your iOS device onto an Apple TV. The one downfall is that it does not support steaming to your computer. That’s where AirServer comes into play. By simply installing it, you gain the ability to also stream high quality video and audio from your iOS device to your Mac.

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store youtube videos offline

Saving YouTube videos to your iPhone, iPod or iPad for offline viewing is really easy. All you need is an app. The App Store has a few apps that will let you store YouTube videos offline.

There are many reasons you may want or need to save the videos to your device; the convenience of not having to buffer or put up with low quality videos and of course when there is no available WI-FI network for your none cellular devices.

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what why is apple tv icon how to use airplay for apple tv mac

Have you ever seen the above icon on your Mac or iOS device? That’s the AirPlay icon, it shows up when there is an Apple TV or AirPlay compatible stereo system connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It can be used to mirror the screen of your Mac, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone to your TV screen, or even to make it take a video that is playing on your iPad and have it play wirelessly to your Apple TV.

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