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auto add holidays to calendar app

Surprisingly there is no simple switch to flick on your iOS device or Mac that auto-adds holidays to the Calendar app. That however doesn’t mean that there isn’t a free and simple solution.

I couple of years ago I actually spent money on an app from the App Store to import calendars to my Calendar app. Granted it was only $0.99, but still, I could be $0.99 richer right now. That being said, I’ve decided to pass on this little tip to all of you, not only to save you a bit of spare change but because a Calendar just isn’t complete until you add the Holidays to it.

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change default screenshot format save destination

By default OS X saves screenshots in the .png image format. The destination used to save the captured screenshot is by default the Mac Desktop. At times I wondered if I could alter the settings to change the screenshot format as well as its location. Due to plenty of screen captures in a day, my desktop becomes horribly cluttered.

To begin with, I must launch the Terminal application by opening Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. As we know, the Terminal application is mainly about the flow of commands to execute a task. All you need to know is the exact command lines used to execute these tasks.

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change icons in toolbar

The toolbar in most apps are where all those handy icons are located for easy and quick access. If you haven’t yet taken the chance to check into what the toolbar options are, you could be surprised at how much more accessible and useful you can make it.

Not all apps have a customizable toolbar. Most browsers let you modify the layout and a few of the native Mac OS X apps are supported. Some of the applications you should definitely have a look at are your most used apps like Finder, Safari, Mail and whatever else falls into your category of most used apps.

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zoom in zoom out mac os x hotkey

Zooming in and zooming out on my Mac is a feature I could not live without. Most people know that you can zoom in on content in Safari by double tapping on the Magic Mouse or Trackpad. This zooming feature however lets you zoom right down to the very pixels that make up the content on your screen.

It’s bad posture to be leaning forward and squinting at your screen, and anyways learning back in the chair is much more comfortable. This will be a really simple and short tutorial that everyone who owns a Mac should know about.

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can't see phone number iPad ipod iMessages

iMessages is the free text messages service from Apple, it allows you to use your email address or your phone number to send text messages. The problem is it can sometimes be troublesome to get your phone number to transfer to your iPad and iPod from the iPhone.

In most circumstances the phone number should transfer over, incase it doesn’t here’s how to get it working properly.

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find my lost iphone ipad mini ipod app

Enabling the Find My iPhone feature is one of the first things you should do when acquiring a new iOS device. If you’re anything like me, when you can’t find your iPhone a mini heart attack ensues. Instantly going back to think of all the events of the day in hopes of being able to remember where it may have been left. Another time it comes in really useful is when it can’t be found just before leaving before work because it’s slipped down into some deep crevices in the couch.

Even though the feature is called “Find My iPhone” it works for all iOS devices, even your Mac.

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easy compress images pictures mac

ImageOptim is an awesome open source (free) image optimizer. I recently started using it and wanted to let all you know about it.

Optimizing your images with ImageOptim will reduce your image file size while maintaining the same quality. What is does is strip off all the unnecessary data that is included with in the image. For instance it compresses by removing unnecessary information, like EXIF tags, file comments and color profiles.

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