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top safari alternatives iPhone browser iPad ipod iOS 6 7

Safari is a very popular browser, it’s fast, powerful and even syncs open tabs to all your other devices. But is Safari a browser worthy of your sole dedication? It is not the only browser for iOS, there are a lot of really impressive alternative browsers for your iPad, iPhone and iPod. I’ve spent a few hours testing out around 10 different browsers, and I’ve settled on my top 4 Safari alternative browsers for iOS.

Some are so impressive, you may not even go back to Safari.

To start off we’ll look at Chrome, one of the most popular Safari alternative for iOS.

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turn off auto correction auto capitalization and turn off period space iphone ipod iPad

Each iPad, iPod and iPad allows you to customize the way the keyboard works. There are settings to disable and enable Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Check Spelling, Caps Lock as well as the feature that adds a “.” when you double tap the space bar.

You can even create shortcuts that allows you to quickly enter phrases and words without having to type it all out every time. Not only can you customize the way it works, you can also customize the way it looks by splitting it in two.

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orgainze contacts in icloud group iphone icloud contacts

So I received an email asking how to organize contacts into groups. My first thought was, “Oh, this will be simple”. So before I started up a response I picked up my iPad, opened the contacts app fully expecting that Apple would have made this easy to do. A couple of minutes later, I realized that you can’t sort contacts into a group on an iOS device.

This was confusing at first because you are able to view grouped contacts on an iOS device, even able to hide and view the groups. It would seem that Apple hasn’t given us the ability to group contacts on either an iPad, iPhone or iPod. If you do want to organize your contacts into groups then you’ll need to have a use the website, the Contacts app on a Mac or use a different browser on your iPad.

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newsstand iphone ipod ipad how to use news stand

Newsstand is an app made by Apple that is installed on all iPads, iPhones and iPods with iOS 5 and later.

Basically it’s a hub for all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

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make itunes sync faster speed up itunes

Ever wanted to quickly sync up that new song to your iOS device 2 minutes before you leave for work? I have, and in most cases I have to cancel the sync because… well instead of quickly just syncing my one song, iTunes decides that I should also have my genius results synced for all my 4000 songs. In this guide I’ll go through some tips and methods to speed up the way iTunes syncs.

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how to use game centre gamecenter on iphone ipod ipad mac mountain lion

Game Center is an app made by Apple that comes pre-installed on all new iPads, iPhones, iPod as well as Macs with Mountain Lion or higher.

As the name would imply, it’s a center place for all your games.

Game Center brings a social aspect to the way you play games and keeps track of achievements as well as the leaderboards.

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how do i change my location in itunes store on iphone mac ipod iPad

Have you ever gotten a message from the Apple iTunes Store saying:

The item you’ve requested is not currently available in [your location] Store, but it is available in the U.S. Store [or whichever location].

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