Author / Vishal Chaudhary

first look at mavericks

Mavericks was just recently released and hopefully all of us have installed this free version of OS X on our Macs. Once installed, it always fun to explore the new updates and features. Let’s check out what Maverick has to offer.

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what is ds store file?

Until a little while ago the .DS_Store file was well hidden from my eyes. During my daily work process, I started to realize this DS_Store file was appearing almost everywhere. Soon its presence became a question of its occurrence and need. I tried opening this strange file but couldn’t do so.

When I tried to open the DS_Store file I was presented with an error saying, “There is no application set to open the document “.DS_Store”.

My overall experience with DS_Store file made me scratch my head and dig deep into its occurrence & behaviour.

.DS_Store file? What – Why – Where – How?

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change default screenshot format save destination

By default OS X saves screenshots in the .png image format. The destination used to save the captured screenshot is by default the Mac Desktop. At times I wondered if I could alter the settings to change the screenshot format as well as its location. Due to plenty of screen captures in a day, my desktop becomes horribly cluttered.

To begin with, I must launch the Terminal application by opening Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. As we know, the Terminal application is mainly about the flow of commands to execute a task. All you need to know is the exact command lines used to execute these tasks.

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