Have you ever had to deal with a company who emails you a form to fill out and sign? Usually the documents they send are in the PDF format. It’s very easy to sign these forms and email them right back, without having a scanner or fax machine.

All you need is a Mac that has an iSight camera built in, or one with just a regular webcam.

One of the most amazing things about this is that is uses the built-in app called Preview. Thats right, you don’t need to download anything or even print it off, sign it, then scan it back to your Mac. None of that nonsense!


Edit PDF Form

For this tutorial, I’m going to use a random PDF form downloaded from the this site. Feel free to test it out for yourself here: PDF Form

free mac pdf editor

As you can see above, I was able to simply and easily edit the PDF document. Nothing special there, in most cases you just need to click on the spot where you’re supposed to type in your requested info. If you’ve ever dealt with a PDF file on a Mac before, you probably already knew about this.


Sign PDF Document

Here’s where it gets interesting. In the toolbar you want to click the icon that looks like a pen (1). Doing so will slide into view another toolbar. Then click the little down arrow beside “Sig” (2).

add signature webcam isight

After clicking on the little down arrow, click on “Create Signature from FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in). It may say something a little different if you are using a different webcam.

On a white blank piece of paper simply write your signature:

signature mavericks

Now all you have to do is hold it up in front of your iSight (webcam) camera and Preview will take care of the rest.

add signature to yosemite

Once you’re happy with how it looks on screen, just click the “Accept” button and Preview will save your signature so it can be used at any time.

Now to apply your saved signature, click on the “Sig” arrow again, and simply select your desired signature then click it to location as show here:

edit pdf signature os x

After you add signature to PDF you can drag it around and even make it bigger or smaller with the control dots located around your signature (as you can see above).

Now just save the PDF document and send it off by email. Quick and easy, no printer or scanner required.