Mac OS X has many hidden or commonly unknown keyboard shortcuts. They really shouldn’t be unknown to the majority of people that use Mac, since they are so incredibly useful and time saving.

If you have been following AppDucate on the listed social networks then you’ve probably already seen me post a few of these. I’m creating a separate article about them as well, as I know that some of you just check in to the site every now and then or just subscribe by email and I didn’t want to leave you guys/gals out.

Below are some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts for Mac. I’m always looking for new and interesting keyboard shortcuts, if you have one that you constantly use but don’t see listed here be sure to let us know about it in the comments below.


Add Selected Files to a New Folder

hidden secret mac

Select Files then Command + Control + N

This keyboard shortcut is one of my favorites that I constantly use. It automatically creates a new folder and moves any highlighted files into that new folder.

After completing an article like this one that you’re currently reading, I’ll probably have around 20-30 files and screenshots cluttering my desktop. I like to keep any files that I create during the process of writing these articles in a separate folder. All that’s required is to add all these files together into a folder that I can safely store, is to highlight them and press the keyboard shortcut;  Command + Control + N.

One thing to note about this convenient shortcut is that you’ll only notice the above animation while using this keyboard shortcut on your desktop. If you do this while in a folder, you won’t see an animation, the files will just instantly be moved to the new folder that will be created automatically.


Increase/Decrease Volume & Brightness Quarterly

mac volume brightness hidden tip

Hold down Option + Shift while changing Volume or Brightness

This is another keyboard shortcut that I wouldn’t to live without. If you’re the picky kind of person the needs the volume or brightness to be perfect, you’ll want to memorize this one. I know I can’t be the only person out there that needs to find that sweet spot in the volume to enjoy my music. Normally you would be stuck between too loud or too quiet.

Not anymore, hold down the Shift + Option key while changing the volume on your keyboard to increase or decrease it in tiny quarterly segments as shown above. The exact same can be applied to changing the screen brightness, just hold down the Option + Shift key while changing the brightness on your keyboard.


Easily Scroll Horizontally

secret tips os x

Hold Shift while using the Mouse Scroll Wheel

I was watching a video on YouTube, where the user was using a Mac to do some graphic design. He wasn’t using a Magic Mouse or a Trackpad, he was using a regular mouse with a scroll wheel. I watched him scroll vertically with the mouse, but whenever he wanted to scroll horizontally, he would slowly and delicately position the cursor on the scroll bar and click to drag.

Needless to say I just wanted to shout this tip at him through the screen. Hold down the Shift key to scroll horizontally while using a mouse that has a scroll wheel. It’s a lot faster than positioning the pointer over the scroll bar!


Get Word Suggestions

secret mac tips

While typing press the F5 key

While typing a word on your Mac, press the F5 key to get quick recommendations to complete the word. It’s a great way to finish a word that you’re unsure of how to spell, along with just being incredibly useful and handy. Unfortunatly this keyboard shortcut does not work everywhere. For instance, it does not work in Safari. It does work in applications such as Mail, Notes, Pages and some other word processing applications.


Quickly Close Open Apps

quick close apps mac secret

Command + Tab then Q

Ever wanted to just quickly close down a bunch of open applications? Look no further than the simple Command + Tab + Q keyboard shortcut. It’s not difficult to have so many applications open that the desktop isn’t even partially visible. You’ve probably already used this keyboard shortcut in the past to switch between apps. Here’s something you may not have known about though. While you have an application highlighted as shown above, simply press the “Q” key on your keyboard to close it.


Your Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts out there, but a lot of them aren’t even worth memorizing. I’m always looking for new ways to manage and improve my workflow, and keyboard shortcuts play a big roll in it. If you have one that you think we should know about, let us know about it below.