Mavericks was just recently released and hopefully all of us have installed this free version of OS X on our Macs. Once installed, it always fun to explore the new updates and features. Let’s check out what Maverick has to offer.

os x mavericks dock icons

A few OS X applications have been added to the dock. The Mavericks dock is now dressed with Apple Maps and the iBooks application.

Those who are iOS users, having an iPod, iPhone & iPad, know what iBooks is used for.

mavericks ibooks

You can relive the similar experience on your Mac now. Apple has been targeting students all over the world and this integration seems to be helpful to students who have to read their subjects. With iBooks on Mac, you can simply use the swipe gesture on your Magic Mouse or Trackpad to navigate the pages of an iBook.  Also iOS & OS X integration makes your books available on all your synchronized devices.

maps in os x mavericks

The Maps app is now also included with Mavericks and is a big thumbs up from my side. Now I can access my current location, drive through unknown paths and much more. Below is a simple example of driving directions from Newark to New York. Seems no flaw over here, I suppose much have been improved by Apple on Maps. Also when you’re done finding directions on your Mac, you can send the route directly to your iPhone by clicking the Share button.

With every major release of OS X, Safari always gets improvements and updates. With Google Chrome constantly striving in, Safari had to be updated to remain a key contributor for browsing. So what did we get this time on Safari?

new safari features mavericks

Safari now makes managing bookmarks and the most visited websites really easy and fast. Even removing the sites from the top-site menu is amazingly fast and you can rearrange the sites by dragging them around. I am a frequent Chrome user, however the speed of Safari on OS X Mavericks is really impressive now.

While not new to Mavericks, another tool that assists reading webpages in Safari is the ‘Reading List’ feature which stores the current website page the moment you click the “+” button (located to the left of the address bar). This stores the website for offline viewing and syncs it across all your iOS devices and Mac’s that use the same Apple ID account.

new tags in mavericks

Tags in Mavericks

The new tags features in Mavericks in particular has something to offer for users like me. My daily work includes managing multiple files & folders on my Mac. At times, even I had to bang my head looking for a recently created important file. Thanks to Mavericks tag feature, now I can assign several pretty colors to a file or folder & easily manage the data. Let me show you how it works.

I am writing this article on my Mac and wish to assign it a red tag. Assigning a tag to a file or folder can be done in multiple ways.

  • Right-click & select a tag to assign.
  • Go to the menubar -> File ->  select the color to assign a tag.

To see your tagged file, navigate through the sidebar of Finder and browse through tags.

The tags are well synchronized, meaning if you start editing your file from one location, it is automatically updated its other location. Also, it’s good to know that the tagged file are highlighted in similar fashion if you switch to Mountain Lion installed on the same Mac.

Apple OS X updates have always been amazing and every time OS X has something new to offer. Apple keeps the acceleration on. Still don’t have Mavericks? Check out how to install OS X Mavericks on your Mac, it’s FREE.