Anyone have the problem I have with ghost vibrations? Dictionary definition of Ghost Vibrations: The feeling of a phone vibrating in one’s pocket, without actually vibrating. Usually causing one to check phone, followed by a confused stare at the screen. The default vibration alerts can be bit short or not enough to actually grab your attention, in that case we can create our own custom vibrations.


Create Custom Vibrations on iPhone

vibrations notifications

To create custom vibrations go to Settings -> Sounds.

Where are vibration settings


Once you’re there, you can change the vibration that is used for ringtones, text messages, voicemail, new mail, sent mail, tweets, Facebook posts, calendar alerts and reminder alerts.

Lets say we wanted to change the setting used for ringtones. Tap the Ringtone button -> Vibration -> under “CUSTOM” tap “Create New Vibration”.

Now you’ll be presented with a screen to use, just start tapping. You can use the full length of the recording to create a vibration alert with a maximum length of 10 seconds. If you don’t want to use the full length, just tap “Stop” at anytime. I like to use the full length because a quick 2-3 second alert usually isn’t enough to grab my attention.

If you look at the large screenshot above you’ll see that some sections are small dot and other sections are stretch out. To create longer sections, just tap and hold down.

When you’re happy with your newly created vibration, just tap the “Save” button on the top right hand side. Give it a name and tap the “Save” button. That’s it, you’ll now see it listed under “Custom”. Just repeat for any other notifications and alerts that you want to customize.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create custom vibration alerts for apps from the App Store. And this only works on iPhones. You can not create custom vibration alerts for iPad or iPad.

One Awesome Tip: Did you know you can also create custom vibrations for each contact? Go to the Contacts app -> select a contact -> tap edit -> Vibration. This will let you know who is calling without even having to check your iPhone. Great for people you want to ignore.

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