Today I want to talk about an impressive app I recently found out about. It’s called iTranslate Voice. One of my biggest fears about traveling around the world is not being able to speak any other language other than English. What happens if you need directions while in Japan? I can’t even begin to sound out their words. This is where the beauty of iTranslate Voice is. Instead of grunting at a person like a caveman and pointing at things, or trying to slowly speak your own language in hopes that they’ll somehow understand you, use iTranslate Voice.

In this article I’ll go over some of the awesome features of iTranslate Voice and give a little preview on how to properly use it. Trust me, this app isn’t something you want to miss out on.


iTranslate Voice Review

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English to Greek

Throughout using iTranslate Voice, I couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like. It’s fast, very smart and worked every single time, even when I slightly mumbled my words. I’m sure you’ve all used Siri and occasionally its taken its time on getting back to you, or simply doesn’t understand what you’re saying. I didn’t notice this at all with iTranslate Voice, in fact it was almost instantaneous and never once did it fail to understand what I was saying.

Simplicity. This app takes something that’s so complex and makes it incredibly simple. Anyone could pick it up and have no problem trying to figure it out. Select that language you speak and the language you want your speech to be translated to. Done.

It works like this, you select two languages, one being your language and the other being the language you want it to be translated to. Once done speaking it gets translated and read out loud in the translated language. Now the person you are trying to speak to taps their language bubble and speaks their response. It gets translated and read back to you in a language you understand.

It’s also the little things. If you look over to the adjacent screenshot, you’ll see under the Greek translation it also shows how it is pronounced. This is great if you are trying to learn how to speak the language because… well just look at those squiggly Greek letters. I’d have no idea where to even begin on being able to pronounce any of that.


A Video of iTranslate Voice in Action


Some more Awesome Features

itranslate voice airtranlate review

More Awesome Features

If you aren’t already convinced like myself that this is an impressive app, let me go into a few more details.

First off lets talk about a feature called AirTranslate. It allows two devices that both have iTranslate Voice installed to connect with each other over bluetooth (somewhat close proximity). Basically it works like this, you speak into your iPhone, your speech gets translated and sent to your friends iPhone. He/She gets your message read out to them in their language. Then they respond on their iPhone, and as you’d expect it gets translated and read out to you on your iOS device.

Now what if you are in a large conference? You don’t want 15 people huddled around your iPhone. iTranslate Voice supports Airplay. This means that you can wirelessly connected it to Airplay compatible speakers or even to your Apple TV.

If you look to the adjacent screenshot, under AirPlay there is a scroll bar with a bunny next to it. Use this to adjust the speech speed.

Ever wanted to sound like the President? iTranslate Voice even supports having the translated voice sound like Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney (yes we know Romney wasn’t actually a President, just a nominee).


Currently Supported Translatable Languages

Arabic (Saudi) yes yes
Arabic (UAE) yes yes
Arabic (Egypt) yes yes
Catalan yes yes
Chinese (Mandarin) yes yes
Chinese (Taiwan) yes yes
Chinese (Cantonese) yes yes
Croatian yes no
Czech yes yes
Danish yes yes
Dutch yes yes
English (United States) yes yes
English (United Kingdom) yes yes
English (Australia) yes yes
Finnish yes yes
French yes yes
German yes yes
Greek yes yes
Hebrew yes no
Hindi no yes
Hungarian yes yes
Indonesian yes yes
Italian yes yes
Japanese yes yes
Korean yes yes
Malay yes no
Norwegian yes yes
Polish yes yes
Portuguese (Portugal) yes yes
Portuguese (Brazil) yes yes
Romanian yes yes
Russian yes yes
Slovak yes yes
Spanish (Spain) yes yes
Spanish (Mexico) yes yes
Spanish (United States) yes yes
Swedish yes yes
Thai yes yes
Turkish yes yes
Ukrainian yes no
Vietnamese yes no


~ Final Thoughts ~

Needless to say I was very impressed with this app. I loved the design, the ease of use and all the little things that make this app stand out against the competition. If you’ve been following my articles for a while now you should have picked up that I like simplicity and good design in apps. iTranslate Voice has both of these things in plenty. There was no learning curve, using this app just made sense. Let me elaborate, when I changed the output language, I didn’t have to think about how to do it, it just made sense. Even though I had only just downloaded the app, I started it up and was using it as though I had a perfect understanding of how it worked. Oh, and did I mention the translations and dictations are incredibly accurate!

This app brings a lot to the table and doesn’t take a lot from your wallet. Currently it is priced at 1.99, and that is a steal of a deal, especially for the quality of this app.

I was so impressed with the app that I actually contacted the developers of iTranslate Voice and asked them if they’d be willing to give me a few redeem codes that I could give away so that you guys could try it out for yourselves.

My final words on iTranslate Voice is, if you are looking for an app that will make translations simple, fast and awesome, then you want iTranslate Voice.