Zooming in and zooming out on my Mac is a feature I could not live without. Most people know that you can zoom in on content in Safari by double tapping on the Magic Mouse or Trackpad. This zooming feature however lets you zoom right down to the very pixels that make up the content on your screen.

It’s bad posture to be leaning forward and squinting at your screen, and anyways learning back in the chair is much more comfortable. This will be a really simple and short tutorial that everyone who owns a Mac should know about.

fast zoom mac os x outside of safari

Smooth Zooming

The way it works is simple, you hold down a key on your keyboard (aka a hotkey) and scroll up or down on your mouse or trackpad. First thing you want to do is enable the zooming features, to do this open:

System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Zoom -> Enable “Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom”.

You have the option to choose between the Control key, Option key or Command key. Once you have chosen your desired hotkey go ahead and test it.

Hold down the key and scroll up and down on your mouse or trackpad.

Here’s a little video I whipped up that shows it off in action: