The toolbar in most apps are where all those handy icons are located for easy and quick access. If you haven’t yet taken the chance to check into what the toolbar options are, you could be surprised at how much more accessible and useful you can make it.

Not all apps have a customizable toolbar. Most browsers let you modify the layout and a few of the native Mac OS X apps are supported. Some of the applications you should definitely have a look at are your most used apps like Finder, Safari, Mail and whatever else falls into your category of most used apps.


Customize Mac Toolbar

change upper toolbar icons

All you really need to do is right-click (or control-click) on a toolbar and select -> “Customize Toolbar”.

The toolbar in most Mac Applications is where the most important/used actions are stored for easy clicking access. But what if your favorite action isn’t in there? Simply add it by right-clicking on an empty location in the Toolbar and then click on the “Customize Toolbar” option. You’ll be presented with a series of buttons to choose from that can be added by simply dragging and dropping.

This is one of the first things I did when I opened Safari for the first time on my Mac. By default the “new tab” icon in Safari was hidden. What kind of browser doesn’t have a new tab button readily available?

Removing the icons is just as simple. Just drag it out of the toolbar when in the customizing mode. To change the order of the icons just drag them into the desired position.