There are 3 different ways to affect the way that music plays on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

You have the Sound Check feature, EQ settings and the option to limit the Max Volume output.

Change Volume Settings

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Getting to these features is simple, open Settings -> Music. One thing to quickly note, these audio settings will only change the music that’s being played from the Music app. It will not affect other audio like YouTube videos, Pandora or any other app on your iOS device expect for one EQ settings; the Late Night settings. Another thing to note is that these settings don’t change the audio files at all, they just change the way the output sounds.


What is the Sound Check feature?

Sound Check is awesome. What is does is simple, it keeps all your songs playing at around the same volume. You may have noticed that some songs just play much louder than other songs. I know I’m not the only one who despises having to constantly change the volume because one song is louder than the next. Sound Check takes care of that problem.


Changing EQ Settings

There are a quite a few different equalizer (EQ) settings to choose from. You have the common EQ settings like Acoustic, Classical, Dance, ect. Then you also have other settings that makes music sound better on small speakers, or even increases the clarity of spoken words. In total there are 23 preset EQ options to choose from. One of the coolest EQ settings that I alluded to earlier is the Late Night setting. This EQ settings goes beyond the Music app and affects all the audio coming from your iOS device. Basically what it affects is the mid tones. Meaning it would keep the spoken words clear while quietening the music and sound effects. This feature is perfect for late night movie watching while trying not to be to loud. To test out the EQ settings just start a song in the Music app and then go back and tap an EQ settings to change the output on the song. It will continue to play as you change the EQ settings so that you can make the proper choice. One thing I should mention, using the EQ feature does take a little bit more battery life. Not much, but some.


Change Volume Limit

By default the volume limit is maxed out (turned off). To lower the maximum volume output capacity just tap “Volume Limit” and move the slider to the left. To turn it off, move the slider all the way back to the maximum output setting (far right).

Quick Tip: If you want to see what kind of affect the EQ settings are having open iTunes on your computer -> Window -> Equalizer. Changing the EQ settings in iTunes won’t affect the settings on your iOS device.