iMessages is the free text messages service from Apple, it allows you to use your email address or your phone number to send text messages. The problem is it can sometimes be troublesome to get your phone number to transfer to your iPad and iPod from the iPhone.

In most circumstances the phone number should transfer over, incase it doesn’t here’s how to get it working properly.

Sync Phone Number to iPad and iPod

how get phone number imessages on ipad mini and ipod touch

The most common issue is activating iMessages on your iPad (mini) or iPod Touch before activating it your iPhone. In most cases, iMessages won’t automatically update itself with the phone number from your iPhone. For force it to sync the phone number over it’s a simple process of disabling then re-enabling iMessages.

Do do this open Settings -> Settings -> Messages -> Turn iMessages off. Disable it on all your devices even your iPhone.

When you go to re-activate it, be to enable first on your iPhone. It’ll show a little message saying that it’s activating. Wait until it completes before activating your other devices; it usually just takes a few seconds.

phone number iMessages mac os x mountain lion

Now when you activate it on your iPad and iPod the phone number will show under the “Send & Receive” tab. If you click on the tab it will show all the email addresses that are currently enabled as well as your phone number. You can go through it and decide which email addresses you want to be able to send and receive messages with or you can disable all of them and just use the phone number.

One thing to note however is only Apple devices with the iMessages app will receive messages sent through iMessages. So for example, say you wanted to send a message with your iPad to a friend who uses an Android device. They won’t receive the message. With an iPhone it’s different. If you text someone who has an Android it will automatically register that the phone number you are texting isn’t using iMessages and it will send the messages regularly over your cellular network.

Do you have a Mac? iMessages is also integrated into Macs with Mountain Lion or higher.

More info about iMessages: Understanding and using iMessages

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