Each iPad, iPod and iPad allows you to customize the way the keyboard works. There are settings to disable and enable Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Check Spelling, Caps Lock as well as the feature that adds a “.” when you double tap the space bar.

You can even create shortcuts that allows you to quickly enter phrases and words without having to type it all out every time. Not only can you customize the way it works, you can also customize the way it looks by splitting it in two.

First thing you’re going to want to do is actually navigate to the Keyboard Settings. Settings -> General -> Keyboard.


iOS Keyboard Settings

iphone ipad ipod change keyboard settings

  • Auto-Capitalization – Names, Days, Months, first word after a full stop.
  • Auto-Correction – The infamous auto correct. While useful to most, some despise it.
  • Check Spelling – Checks Spelling, allows you to tap an incorrectly spelt word and have it replaced with the correct spelling.
  • Enable Caps Lock – Allows you to double tap the shift key to enable caps lock.
  • “.” Shortcut – Double tapping the space bar will insert a “.”.


Adding Keyboards and Splitting the Keyboard

split ipad keyboard on iphone ipod touch add different language

  • Keyboards – This is where you can choose keyboards that use different languages. One of the more interesting “Languages” is Emoji. Enabling Emoji gives quick access to the smiley faces.
  • Split Keyboard – Only available on an iPad. Allows you to hold the iPad with both hands and type with your thumbs. Easy to move around and split. Once enabled, hold down the key displayed in the above image and tap the “Split” button. Alternatively, with both thumbs hold down on the keyboard then rip it apart.


Add Keyboard Shortcuts

add keyboard shortcuts on iPad iphone iPod touch

Using keyboard shortcuts can come in really handy and save a bit of time in the process. Is there a phrase or word you type a lot? Create a shortcut of it by simply tapping the “Add New Shortcut…”.

Do you have any hidden tips and tricks that weren’t mentioned here? Let us know about them in the comments section below.