Month / June 2013

browse icloud files and folders on computer ftp

The usual way to manage the file data in iCloud is through the app that is using iCloud to store its files. On a Mac however, you can gain access to the iCloud file system in Finder and manually edit, upload or delete files.

This method gives you access to the folder that is used by iCloud to sync all your data. Also from what I have noticed, sometimes apps don’t get fully deleted and part of it is left over in iCloud. I’m not sure why this happens, however with this method you can manually remove that left over app data.

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free up itunes space organize iTunes delete copies

Having multiple copies of music, movies, TV shows and other media in your iTunes library can quickly take up a bunch of space. It’s actually very easy to get duplicate copies. They sneak into the library and you rarely ever even notice the space hogs unless you look for them.

Duplicates sneak in like Ninjas

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parallels 8 review run windows pc games mac programs

For a lot of people when you mention switching from a PC to a Mac it’s common to hear that they can’t or won’t because PC programs don’t work on Mac OS X. Well that’s not really the case at all.

Run Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously with Parallels!

There are two ways of running Windows on your Mac with Parallels, you can have Windows run in a window or have Windows open its programs right next to your Mac apps.

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how do I block caller iPhone block messages FaceTime

A question I see every now and then is how to block phones calls, text messages and FaceTime on an iPhone. In iOS 6 and earlier blocking calls was only possible with a jailbroken iPhone, but no longer do you need a jailbroken device. In iOS 7, Apple has finally included the option to block calls, FaceTime and Messages. It’s about time!

And to top it off, it’s now really easy to do.

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what does ios 7 look like lots of pictures

iOS 7, the new OS by Apple for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Currently it’s still in beta and is not going to be released to the public until the fall. However, for those of you who don’t have a Developers Account and aren’t able to look into the new OS themselves, here are what some of the new designs look like.

Take note, iOS 7 is currently in beta (only for the iPhone) so some of this may look different when it’s out of beta and actually released.

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how to change siri voice iphone ipod iPad

Siri is the voice command unit that is built into your iPod, iPhone and iPad. It can answer your questions, setup reminders, show you what movies and playing in the theatres nearby and even text people for you, among other things. If you use Siri a lot, you may get tired of hearing the same voice over and over, luckily it’s really easy to change the default voice that Siri uses.

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top safari alternatives iPhone browser iPad ipod iOS 6 7

Safari is a very popular browser, it’s fast, powerful and even syncs open tabs to all your other devices. But is Safari a browser worthy of your sole dedication? It is not the only browser for iOS, there are a lot of really impressive alternative browsers for your iPad, iPhone and iPod. I’ve spent a few hours testing out around 10 different browsers, and I’ve settled on my top 4 Safari alternative browsers for iOS.

Some are so impressive, you may not even go back to Safari.

To start off we’ll look at Chrome, one of the most popular Safari alternative for iOS.

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