Newsstand is an app made by Apple that is installed on all iPads, iPhones and iPods with iOS 5 and later.

Basically it’s a hub for all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

In this article I’ll go over how the Newsstand app works, how to download and subscribe to magazine / newspapers and also how to hide the Newsstand app (if you want to). Apple has prevented the Newsstand app from being able to be deleted or even tucked away in a folder. This bugs some people, so at the bottom of this article I’ll also go over some ways of hiding it.

Not everybody likes Newsstand, however, some of the magazines are amazing. For instance, in a real magazine there are only images and words. In the magazines in Newsstand however, it doesn’t have to just be an image. For instance, as I’m typing this I have a magazine on my iPad open. The current image that I’m looking at is of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Instead of being just a simple image though, it’s actually a full 360 image that I can move around and zoom.


How does the Newsstand app work?

news stand newstand how to use newsstand open folder view hide newsstand in folder

Newsstands folder view

The way that Newsstand works is actually pretty simple. When you tap on it, it expands into a virtual bookshelf. This bookshelf (or folder view) stores all of your downloaded magazines and newspapers, as well as your subscriptions.

The magazines and newspaper act a lot like any of the other apps on your home screen. When you hold one down they start to wiggle around, allowing you to do the usual like move them around and delete them.

Each Newsstand app has its own menu system, means of navigation and its own way of subscribing, so each one could be slight learning curve. It can be a little confusing if you have many different subscriptions and have to remember how each one works.

The Newsstand magazines and newspapers also support push notifications. This means that once they publish something new, you are notified right away and it is downloaded to your device. I have push notifications enabled for my local newspaper, whenever a new publication goes out it is delivered straight onto my iPad and iPhone.


How to Download & Subscribe in Newsstand

download newstand news stand magazine newspaper on iphone ipad and iPod touch

Download and Subscribe

On the upper right of the Newsstand bookshelf there is a little button, the “Store” button. It takes you to a special section of the App Store where all the Newsstand content is located. You may be shocked at first to see that pretty much everything is free. It’s a lie though, well not really… I’ll explain.

Newsstand uses In App Purchases as the means of selling you magazine / newspaper issues or subscriptions. So for instance, if I wanted to get the latest issue of Popular Science, I’d download the magazine app for free. Once it finishes downloading I’d open the app and it would present me will the option to buy its issues one by one, or by monthly or even yearly subscriptions.

Not everything costs money though, for instance my local newspaper offers its daily issues for free.


I hate the Newsstand app, how do I remove or hide it?

Some people have no desire to use the Newsstand app and just want to delete it. Apple doesn’t want you to be able to delete it or even tuck it away in a folder. So if you’re one of those people who just want to get rid of it, here are 3 ways to hide the Newsstand app. One method requires your device to be jailbroken, another method requires you have a PC or Mac and the other method requires patience and fast finger agility.


Jailbroken Method

The jailbreak method is pretty simple, first of course your device will have to jailbroken. Open Cydia then search and install a tweak called NoNewsIsGoodNews. Basically what is does is hides the Newsstand app, if you have any newspapers or magazines they will be forced onto the homescreen and be presented as regular apps.


PC or Mac Method

delete the newsstand app off iphone ipod ipad i don't use it


This is by far the easiest method, it doesn’t even require your device to be jailbroken, however the after effects aren’t optimal. Hiding the Newsstand app with this method is stupid easy, all you need to do is download and run StifleStand. It is available for Mac and PC, all you need to do is download it, open it and click the one and only button it has. Conveniently that button is the “Hide Newsstand” button.

After the app has finished hiding the Newsstand app, it is hidden in a folder called Magic. Heres the problem however, if you had any newspaper or magazine subscriptions you can no longer access them without moving the Newsstand app out of the folder. If you do click the Newsstand app while it is the folder then your device will crash / respring (loads right back up). If you never want use the Newsstand app ever again then this will work fine for you.


Fast Finger Agility Method

This method has got to be the most frustrating ways to hide the Newsstand app (for me at least). This method does not require a Mac or PC or even that your device is jailbroken. Basically you want to tap and hold the Newsstand app at the same moment as you press the home button, and then quickly swipe to the second homescreen page, then tap a folder and press the home button again… But first the Newsstand app has to be on the 3rd homescreen page, because when you press the home button it goes to the 1st page, which then you need to quickly swipe to the 2nd page.


Ok, so I tried it multiple times and it was a no go for me. I couldn’t do it and I simply got frustrated trying. Fortunatly Mr. Iain_Bryce was willing to help out. So without further ado, here’s a video where he shows how easy it is to do. Also I’m sure he’d appreciate it if you’d like the video or follow his twitter account.


This method has the same effect as using the StifleStand app, if you try to open Newsstand while it’s in a folder then your iOS device will crash / respiring. So if you’re like me and don’t have ninja like finger reflexes, just use the PC / Mac method above.