What would happen if you only use one password for all your online accounts, and someone got ahold of that password?

Making a habit of creating strong passwords is very important, the problem with strong passwords is they tend to be difficult to remember, especially if you create a unique one for all your accounts.

Creating strong passwords is essential in order to prevent yourself from being hacked. What’s worse is some people actually use the same password for all their online accounts. I actually know people whose passwords are as simple as “password1”. The problem with creating a good password is… well, nobody wants to because it’s simpler to remember an easy one. But what if you could have extremely powerful passwords, each being different for every account you have and you didn’t have to remember what they are?



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iPassword on iPad

1Password is an application available for iPads, iPhones, iPods, Androids, Macs and PCs. It’s more than just a fully featured password management app however, it’s also an all personal information holding high security app. 1Password stores all your logins, secure notes, credit cards, identities, drivers licenses, software licenses and much more.

It stores all this information behind a master password that you create yourself. This one master password is the only password you have to remember and the only way to access your stored information.

For added online security while browsing online it also has a built in web browser. Once your are finished browsing online and exit the app, that browsers history, cookies and caches will only be accessible through logging into the app again with the master password.

Before I go any further though, I should warn you that this is not your regular cheap app. The Mac version is currently $49 and the iOS device app is $17 (this may change). I’ve wanted to purchase this app for while and have always been stopped short the moment I remember the price. Well, last week I splurged and bought the Mac version and the iOS version (buy it one time on a iOS device and download it for free on all other iOS devices).

Did I regret the spending spree? No, not once I started using it. I’ll show you why:


Create Super Strong Passwords

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Strong Password Generator

There are a few problems with creating a new strong password:

  1. Nobody wants to remember long complex passwords for multiple logins.
  2. How do you store them? Sticky Notes?
  3. Who wants to spend over a minute typing in the password?

1Password allows you to generate powerful passwords, it even allows you to customize them. When you click the little dial button located on the right hand side of the password bar the password generator slides down. Here you can set your desired password length by sliding the bar left and right.

Underneath that is a “Show password recipe” tab; click it to further customize the strength and security of the password. You can set the amount of digits, amount of symbols and allow or disallow ambiguity, repeats as well as the ability to copy it to the clipboard.


Storing, Syncing and Accessing the Passwords

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Favorites on iPhone

1Password keeps track of all your passwords, organizes them and gives you quick access to them. Open the app and enter your master password, right away you are presented with all your stored logins, banking information, ect.

It’s even easier on a Mac or PC, 1Password has a browser extension that can be used to quickly have your username and password entered. For instance say I were to go log into my google account. Once I reached the google login page, I’d simply click the 1Password extension and click my google profile. A second later I’m logged into google. Simple, quick and easy.

For those worried about storing all this sensitive information in an app you can rest assured it won’t be broken into or hacked. 1Password secures all your data in 256-bit encryption; even the NSA says that’s secure enough to transfer Top Secret information.

Syncing is a great feature as it keeps your passwords up to date across all your devices and computers. 1Password can sync all your information to all your devices and computers with iTunes, iCloud or Dropbox. Syncing is pretty important as it basically can also be thought of as making and maintaining a backup. All of the information synced is also encrypted.


Final Thoughts

I think 1Password is a great application, it’s very smooth, has a great design and works amazing well. However I also think the application is very expensive. I suppose it comes down to how secure you want your accounts and information to be. To buy the iOS device app and the computer app, you’re looking at around $70 (price may change). For an alternative there are also other great options out there like LastPass ($12/year).