You’ve probably seen them before, the little weird-looking squares. These are called QR codes (Quick Response Code) and can be scanned with the camera on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Well more specifically, an app uses the camera to scan the code.

scan qr code phone square box


Scan is a free app you can download on the App Store. It works on all iOS devices, Androids and Windows Phones. Once it’s downloaded to your device all that is required is to open the app and point it towards a QR code.

Your device has to be connected to the internet in order to work, this is because when the quick scan is complete  (usually around 1 second) your device will be taken to the site and then be redirected to whatever the scan code has been created for. For instance, I created the above QR code to direct you to the homepage of AppDucate. If you scan it on your device, you’ll be taken to the site, and then instantly be redirected to my site.

The really cool thing about QR codes is creating them however. You can have a QR code link to a Business Page (kind of like a business card), Personal Page (kind of like a contact card), social media actions (for example checking in at a location), display text, allow a user to connect to your Wi-Fi (even if password protected) and redirect a user to any website.

Interested in creating your own QR codes for free? Check it out here: