From wanting to differentiate yourself from the crowd, down to wanting to be that annoying person with the loud, long ringtone that that plays every time a text is received, there are a multitude of reasons you may want to change your ringtone. Personally I change my ringtone so I don’t look like an idiot constantly checking my phone when someone else close by gets a notification on their iOS device.

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Change Sounds

To change the ringtone or alert tone on your iPod, iPhone and iPad, open Settings -> Sounds. Under “Sounds” are your options for changing individual ringtones/alerts for the supported apps.

Tapping on one of the items such as Ringtone will pull in a page with quite a few different ringtones/alerts to customize the notification sound when someone calls you. Tapping any of the other “Sounds” such as Text Tone will also bring up the same selection of notification sounds to choose from.

You are not limited to just these ringtones and alerts though. When you tap one of the items such as Ringtone, a “Store” button will show up on the upper right hand side. Tapping this button will open up the iTunes store where you can purchase new ringtones. There are a ton of ringtones to choose from here, from dialogue, music and sound effects. Now you can have Darth Vader say, “I am your father” whenever you get a text message, instead of the Tri-Tone (default) alert.

While on the “Sounds” page, under the “Ringer and Alerts”, you have the option to decide if you’d like the external audio buttons to effect the volume level of the ringtones/alerts or to always keep the volume level the same. For example, say you want to be able to change the volume on a YouTube video your watching, but don’t want that to effect the volume of your notifications.