If you travel a lot or are simply interesting in knowing the time from around the world, your iOS device makes it very easy to set up. No new app is required to be installed, it is included in the Clock app that comes with your iOS. If viewing the world clock on an iPad it also shows the weather from around the world.

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World Clock

It is incredibly simple to add almost any location to the world clock. Just open the Clock app on your iOS device, and tap on the “World Clock” tab. Tap the “+” button and search or scroll down the list of locations to find the location you want to add.

Your iPad, iPhone or iPod will display all your added locations together, however only the iPad shows the current weather. To remove a location simply tap the “Edit” button and remove the desired location time.

If you tap on one of the clocks it shows a very aesthetically pleasing fullscreen clock . I suppose if you mount your iPad on the wall to use it as an expensive clock this could come in handy…

ipad iphone ipod full screen clock

Fullscreen Clock