Reader view in Safari is way of reading an article without being distract by any content other than the content for which you came to the website to read. The Reading List is a way of saving a webpage to read for later, and best of all it automatically syncs to all your iOS devices and other computers with Safari installed. It even automatically saves a copy of the page to Safari’s cache so you can view it offline.

Reader View
reader view safari

Reader View

When you come across a website that Safari can pull into Reader view, a blue button will pop up on the right hand side of the URL bar. Clicking this “Reader” button will dim out the website and pull up a clear un-distracting view of just the content that you came to read. AppDucate supports the Reader view, go ahead and click it to see what happens.

If you’ve clicked the “Reader” button,  you’ll notice that just the article is shown while the rest of the website like the sidebar content, upper navigation, footer section and comment area are all pushed to the background and dimmed out.

Reading List
reading list safari read later

Reading List

Reading list is awesome for saving a website to read later on. A great feature about it, is that it downloads the page that you are viewing to Safari’s cache so that you can view the website offline. This is great for saving a site when you know you’re going to be going somewhere where there is no available internet connection. You can save any site to the Reading list on iPhones, iPods, iPads and of course any computer running Safari; and to top it off it syncs it across every device.

Think about it as a temporary bookmark or a quick and easy way of saving a site to read offline. When a site is first added to the Reading list it shows up under “Unread”, after being viewed it moves to the “All” category.

If Reading list is not already enabled, it’s very easy to set up. On an iOS device go to Settings -> iCloud and turn on Safari. To enable it on your Mac go to System Preferences -> iCloud and turn on Safari. It also works on any PC with Safari installed; open the iCloud Control Panel and enable Safari.

You have to be logged in under the same Apple ID on all devices in order for it to sync.

Remember, since these site pages are actually being stored on the device, each site page you add takes up a little bit of space, so it may be wise to remove the sites after viewing them or at least not let the quantity build up to much. For a reference, I like to keep my reading list to no more than 40-50 site pages.

It’s also fairly similar to syncing all your open tabs across all your iOS devices and computers with Safari, except syncing open tabs are lost once the tab is closed on all your devices.