Did you know that Apple has a tradition of doing a 12 day free gift giving event every year? Starting on December 26th and going on to January 6th you can receive a free gift from the iTunes store curtsy of Apple. Get the app now so you don’t miss out on all these freebies.

During the 12 day give away you can download a selection of songs, music videos, apps, books and TV episodes for free. The reason you want to get the app is that the gift will only be available for 24 hours. The 12 Days off Christmas app will send you a push notification alerting you when the new gift is available so you don’t miss out.

rodNow, I can’t vouch for content that’s freely given away, last year I only downloaded about 1/4 of the content that was being gifted away simply because the content was not something I want. Currently (right now) you can get a free music video from Rod Stewart on the 12 Days of Christmas app… another example of a gift I most likely won’t be downloading.

Don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Don’t worry. You can still download the freebies from iTunes on your Mac or PC.

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