So you have some movies and TV shows you’d like to watch on your Apple TV or sync with your iOS devices. You’ve already converted the video to an iTunes friendly format and placed it in your iTunes library. However it doesn’t have the artwork applied that is needed to make it look all pretty. Well, I’ve got a pretty nifty tip to get that artwork.

You can always go to google and try to find a cover for you media, however the picture usually has a watermark, or is cropped strange. I’m going to show you how to get the HQ artwork straight from the iTunes store itself. There are two different methods, one for TV shows, and one for movies. We’ll do the TV show artwork tutorial first. For this demonstration I’m going to use the TV show called Arrow.


TV Shows
Right Click -> Copy Link

Right Click -> Copy Link

First your going to want to go to the iTunes store and search from the TV show called “Arrow”. Once your at the page you’ll see the iTunes TV show’s artwork. Right click on that image, and select “Copy Link”. Now go to your browser of choice or by default Safari, and paste the link into the url bar. It this case it was: “”

You should be at the web version of the iTunes store now. On that page right click the artwork picture and select, “Open Image in New Tab”. Your presented with a small thumbnail version of the image. Now comes the slightly tricky part:


  1. Go to the URL bar
  2. Look at the end of the URL …mzl.fzcbkumj.170×170-75.jpg
  3. This is what your interested in “170×170-75.jpg”
  4. Simply change the 170×170 to 600×600

Now your url should look something like this:

Press enter to go to that URL and you’ll be presented with the HQ version at a resolution of 600×600.



For the main part getting the movie artwork is the same except for the ending. So we’re going to rush through the begging. Go to iTunes store, search for movie, right click movie, select “copy link”, paste link into browser, right click on movie artwork thumbnail, select “Open Image in New Tab”.

Alright, now you looking at a url similar to this:

The part of the link you need to change is right at the very end again. Look closely at the end of the link …mza_2542112856398450127.227×227-75.jpg

Simply delete the highlighted part. Take care you do it right or it won’t work. You need to get the period at the beginning and stop deleting when you get to the .jpg part. Only delete this part .227×227-75

Your URL will look something like this now:

Press enter to go to the url and you’ll be presented with a very HQ image.

Drag & Drop into artwork tab iTunes

Drag & Drop into artwork tab

To actually add the cover art to your TV shows or movies, go to your iTunes Library, right click on your media you’d like to apply the artwork to, and select “Get info”. Then either copy & paste it into the artwork tab, or drag it straight from your browser into the window.