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AppDucate is a tutorial and review site dedicated to Macs, iOS devices and the software that goes with it. Started by Damien Zander in December of 2012, AppDucate has grown from a website that from the first week received only 2 visitors to a website with thousands upon thousands of daily visitors.

The goal at AppDucate is honest reviews, helpful tutorials and fixes for common Apple related issues.

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About Damien Zander

When I first got a Mac a few years ago, I jumped in without knowing anything about how to use it; I didn’t even know how to install an application. For my previous computing experience I had only used Windows, and migrating over to Mac left with me with literally hundreds of questions. AppDucate was built on the idea of passing on some what I’ve learnt about using Apple devices over the past few years.

From having no idea what apps to use or even how to take a basic screenshot I’ve had to do plenty of research on basically everything Mac related (at least it feels that way). The same goes for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Most of the items written here are issues I’ve run into myself on my Mac and iOS devices, apps I’ve tried out, and my honest opinion of what works best in different circumstances.

Ever since I first started using Apple devices I’ve loved almost everything about them. I enjoy writing about the experience, and even more so enjoy talking to all of you about everything Apple.

If you have any comments or questions I’m always on Twitter and Google+.