VLC has for a long time been one of the best video player for computers. Now it’s available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. VLC became famous because of its ability to play pretty much every video format (also didn’t hurt that it’s a great media player). When I first found out about VLC years ago I was overjoyed that I no longer had to search for odd and sometimes outdated codec packages.

A while ago VLC was released for iPhones, iPad and iPods. And with it, it brought it’s ability to play practically every video format.


Transfer Unconverted Video to iPhone & iPad
copy mkv, avi to iphone ipad ipod

It’s works much the same as syncing properly formatted videos. You use iTunes. In fact in a way it’s even simpler than the usual iTunes sync method. Here’s how you do it:

1. Your iPhone, iPod or iPad must first have VLC downloaded.

2. Connect your iOS device to iTunes, either via USB cable or Wi-FI.

3. Go to the device summary page and click the apps tabs (shown in above screenshot).

4. Under “File Sharing” select VLC.

5. With VLC being selected just drag any Movie or TV Show into the box on the right hand side that’s labelled “VLC Documents”.

Easy isn’t it? That’s all your need to do to transfer unconverted videos to your iOS device. To deleted the show from your iOS device just delete it within the VLC app on your iOS device or select the video in iTunes under VLC Documents and press the delete key.

VLC also supports transferring your Videos without iTunes, I’ll go through the instructions for that in another article however.


Where can I get VLC?

play all movies tv show mkv avi iphone iPod iPad

VLC playback options

You can get VLC for iOS from the App Store. When you sync a video from your computer to VLC that video gets stored in the VLC app, not the regular default Videos app on your iOS device.

Don’t let that deter you from using VLC, in fact think of it as a good thing. VLC brings a lot to the table, more so even than the video app that comes pre-installed on your iOS device.

With VLC you have access to your standard video playback features such as AirPlay, subtitles, audio tracks, ect ect. It however also lets you change the playback speed by simply defining your desired speed on the scroll bar.

One of my favorite features is that you can also change the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma settings while the video is playing. This feature alone is enough of a reason to use VLC.


Prefer to Convert?

If you’d rather convert your video so that you can store them in your iTunes library I’d suggest using iFlicks or Handbrake. Also if you’re looking for the best video codec package so that you can play any video on your Mac check out the must have app, Perian.