A question I see every now and then is how to block phones calls, text messages and FaceTime on an iPhone. In iOS 6 and earlier blocking calls was only possible with a jailbroken iPhone, but no longer do you need a jailbroken device. In iOS 7, Apple has finally included the option to block calls, FaceTime and Messages. It’s about time!

And to top it off, it’s now really easy to do.


Block People on iPhone

block stop someone from text messages iPhone ipad iPod

Block Contacts iPhone

There are two ways to block a person, one is to go to Settings -> Phone -> Blocked, and the other way is to simply open the Phone app -> Navigate to the contact you want to block -> click “Block this Caller” *iPhone Only.

Here is the catch, in order for it to work, that contact needs to remain on your iPhone. If you delete the contact, then that person will no longer be blocked. The contact / phone number needs to stay on your iPhone because it uses that number to intercept the call, text message or FaceTime.

This could be a problem for some people for a couple of reasons, maybe you like to have an uncluttered contact list or you just don’t want to see or even think about a specific contact.

Here’s a little trick, you can created a new contact and add all the phone numbers to that one specific contact card, then just block that card.

To do this, go into your Phone app and create a new contact, name it something you’ll remember. I named mine “Ignore” . Everyone that I no longer want calling me, texting me, or attempting to FaceTime me is added to that one contact. Next just navigate to Settings -> Phone -> Blocked and add that contact. All the numbers added to that contact will be intercepted by iOS 7.