Is the battery life on your iOS Device running out to fast?

There are quite a few reasons why the battery could be drained at a higher than necessary rate. Below are a few easy ways to increase the daily battery life as well as certain apps that allow you to maintain and improve the battery life.


Quick Tips to Extend Daily Battery Life


Turn Off Ask to Join Networks

Having your iOS device constantly check and ask you if you’d like to try to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks drains the battery. If you normally have your device connect to just known networks such as your home network, then turn off “Ask to Join Networks”. Your iPhone, iPod and iPad will still automatically connect to a known Wi-Fi network. To turn if off go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Scroll to the bottom on the page and turn off “Ask to Join Networks”.

Turn On Auto-Brightness

iOS devices have an ambient light sensor that detects how much light is in the room. If it detects that the lights are off it will automatically dim the screen. It also comes in handy if you ever get a text message at 4AM and don’t want to blinded while trying to read it. To enable Auto-Brightness, open Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> turn Auto-Brightness on.

Of course if you don’t want to enable Auto-Brightness you could just reduce the screen brightness manually. The battery life can be lengthened quite a bit by reduced the screen brightness.

Disable Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be used for a multitude of things. However if you never use it on your iOS device, then there is no reason to have Bluetooth enabled as it slowly drain battery life. To turn it off go to Settings -> Bluetooth -> turn Bluetooth off.

Close Background Apps

Once you open, then switch to another app on your iOS device, that first app becomes a background app. Keeping apps running in the background allow you to re-open/switch to that app again and pickup right where you left off. Keeping apps running in the background however does slightly drain battery life. To close an individual app, double tap the home button -> hold down the app that you want to close, and once it starts jiggling around, click the red close button.

Turn off Location Services

Location services take up a large amount of battery life. For example, if you have Reminders set to remind you to do something when you arrive at a certain location, your iOS device is constantly checking your location; therefore draining valuable battery life. Sometimes just blocking certain apps from using the location services is enough. For instance, I have a wallpaper app on my iPad that was set to check my location each time I opened the app. There’s no reason for that specific app to know my location and waste my battery life so I just turned it off.

To turn off location services go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. Here you can completely turn off locations services all together, or just by individual apps.

Turn off Equalizer

The iPod app (music app) has an equalizer feature that can be used to the modify bass, trebles, ect. Turning off the equalizer feature will reduce battery usage while playing music. It can be disabled by going to Settings -> Music -> EQ -> tap “Off”.

Using the GPS in Apple Maps

I find the GPS turn by turn directions take up the most battery life. I’ve had the battery life go from 100% to 50% with only 25 minutes of driving. That being said if you do plan on using the turn by turn directions, have your device plugged in and charging if possible.

More Minor Solutions

  • Set your iOS device to lock sooner. Setting the screen to turn off after 1 minute will reduce battery usage.
  • Turn off Data Push. When you get a new email for instance, the server pings your iOS device and instantly downloads the email to your device. Change the Push settings by going to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> “Fetch New Data”.
  • Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE use battery and can be turned off.
  • Do less battery intensive activities when trying to conserve battery life. Games and videos use up a lot of battery. Using the turn by turn directions on Apple Maps takes up a very large amount of battery life.
  • Turn off unnecessary Push Notifications. Go to Settings -> Notifications.
  • Put your iOS device into Airplane mode when no cellular network is available. When a device is not connected to a cellular network, it is constantly searching for a network to connect to.
  • Turn off the “Raise to Speak” feature in Siri. “Raise to Speak” is the means by which your iOS device recognizes the motion of raising your device to your ear and starting Siri.
  • Keep your device updated to the latest version of iOS.
  • Restart device to flush the system.
  • Don’t leave your device in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. When your device gets really hot it drains more battery life.
  • Buy a battery case for your device.


How to Increase Battery Life

trickle charge app battery doctor

Battery Doctor

There are many apps in the App Store that improve the battery life by trickle charging the battery. Once the battery is charged, it switches from the fast charge to a slow low charge, allowing it to maintain its full capacity.

The particular app featured in the image is Batter Doctor HD. It allows your device to be trickle charged and also has quite a few other interesting features. It can show you the history of your full charges, remind you when you should do a full charge and gives you a score on your charging habits. It also has quite a few other tips on how to extend your daily battery charge.

Don’t expect a large increase in the amount of battery life gained from these battery Apps. I’ve tried out a few of them and they don’t really seem to do all that much. However if you’re interested in giving on of them a shot, there are a lot of free and paid apps available, simply search “Battery Doctor” in the App Store search field.