Want to turn your favorite song into a ringtone for your iPhone or even take a part of a movie and turn it into an alert notification or ringtone? In a previous article I showed you how to change your alerts and ringtones, in this article I’ll show you an easy paid method, an easy free method and the iTunes method to create new ringtones for your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

To view the ringtones in iTunes, select Tones from the drop down list on the upper left side of iTunes. If you don’t see “Tones” listed in iTunes then enable it by going to: iTunes -> Preferences -> General Tab -> make sure “Tones” is checked in the list.

Your iPhone, iPod and iPad support using ringtones and alerts that are a maximum of 40 seconds long. If you want to know how to change the ringtones on your device: Change notification sounds on your iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Only unprotected non-drm songs can be used as ringtones.


The Best Method – The Paid Method

create ringtones ringer app easy ringtones


Ringer is a paid application available from both the Mac and iOS App Store. First off this is a very impressive app, it automatically hooks into your iTunes library and within just a few seconds and few clicks you can have a new ringtone.

On a Mac, the left side of the Ringer app will have a list that shows Songs, Artists, Albums, Movies, TV Shows and Playlists. These display the content that is currently in your iTunes library. Using the appropriate listed option, select the media that you’d like to use to create a new ringtone. Upon selecting your desired media, the right side of the Ringer app will show further settings and options used to customize it.

If a song, select the audio section you’d like to use as your ringtone and click the “Create” button. Almost instantly your new ringtone will appear under “Tones” in iTunes, from there you can then sync it your iOS device. If you don’t see “Tones” listed in iTunes then enable it by going to: iTunes -> Preferences -> General Tab -> make sure “Tones” is checked in the list.

You can further customize the ringtone by inserting a fade in and fade out effect as well as gaps. To top it off it also comes with some already made ringtones and even allows you to subscribe to new weekly ringtones via RingtoneFeeder. Another thing to mention, Ringer also supports media that is not in your iTunes library, simply drag and drop a song or movie into it’s window from anywhere on your computer.

The interface between the iOS and Mac versions are very similar and just as easy to use. However, while you can use the iPhone/iPad version to create a ringtone on your device, it needs to be exported to iTunes on your computer, then synced back to your iOS device in order to function as a ringtone. Unfortunately Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to install ringtones directly on the device.


The Simple Method – The Free Method

easy create ringtones mac make

Easy Ringtones

Easy Ringtones is a free app available from the Mac App Store. Using Easy Ringtones is, as its name implies, really easy. Just drag and drop a song from iTunes or from any folder located on your computer directly on top of the app and select the start and end time.

When you have finished using the scrollbar to set your desired start and end time, simply click the “Make!” button.

Once completed, a music icon will appear on the right hand side with the text “Drag It” above. Drag that file into iTunes and it will automatically register that it is a ringtone and put in into the “Tones” section. Next, simply sync it your iOS device. If you don’t see “Tones” listed in iTunes then enable it by going to: iTunes -> Preferences -> General Tab -> make sure “Tones” is checked in the list.


The iTunes Method – The not simple Method

Remember when Apple said they like to keep things simple? I think they forgot about the creating ringtones in iTunes part. Well it’s not increadibly difficult, however when you compare it to the two methods above this is like rocket science creating a ringtone in iTunes.

create alert for iphone ipod ipod with without iTunes

iTunes Method

  1. Select a song in iTunes
  2. Right click (control click) on it
  3. Select “Get Info”
  4. Go to “Options” tab
  5. Fill in the Start Time
  6. Fill in the Stop Time (40 seconds MAX)
  7. Click “OK”
  8. Right click (control click) on song again
  9. Select “Create AAC Version”
  10. Right click on new song (you can tell if it’s the correct one by its play length)
  11. Right click (control click) on the shortened song
  12. Select “Show in Finder” (Windows users “Show in Windows Explorer”)
  13. Change song extension from .m4a to .m4r (for example change song-name.m4a to song-name.m4r)
  14. Delete song from iTunes, it will ask you if you want to “Move to Trash” or “Keep File”
  15. Choose “Keep File”
  16. Go back to the song location in Finder (or Explorer)
  17. Drag song back into iTunes
  18. iTunes will automatically move the ringtone into “Tones”.
  19. Sync it to your iOS device.