Backing up your iOS device is very important. It could be lost, stolen or even just accidentally erased.


With backing up your device being so simple there is no reason not to keep a backup.

There are 2 ways to easily backup an iPad, iPhone or iPod, one is iCloud and the other, iTunes.

Backed-up information includes purchased music, TV shows, apps, and books; photos and video in the Camera Roll; device settings (for example, Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts); app data; Home screen and app organization; Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), ringtones, and more. Media files synced from your computer aren’t backed up, but can be restored by syncing with iTunes.


Backup with iCloud

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Backup with iCloud

Backing up in iCloud is in my opinion, faster and easier than backing up in iTunes. It automatically backs up your device when it is connected to Wi-Fi, plugged in and has its screen turned off. Most people plug their device in at least once a day/night to charge, so iCloud will make a daily backup. You can still however do a manual backup by going to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup on your iOS device and tapping the “Back Up Now” button.

Restoring an iCloud backup is even easier. When you initially start up either a new iOS device or a freshly restored (erased) device you’ll be presented with the Setup Assistant. It’ll ask you how you’d like to restore. There are 3 choices, you can setup as a new device, restore from iCloud or restore from iTunes. If you’ve been backing up in iCloud, tap the “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Sit back and watch as iCloud starts downloading all the apps, your contacts and everything else that is conveniently written in the big letters above. Depending on your internet speed and how much iCloud has to restore it could take a while, so maybe do something other than sit back and watch as it downloads…


Backup with iTunes

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Backup with iTunes

Backing up in iTunes is as simple as plugging your device into your computer. If iTunes is set to sync automatically it’ll make a backup if necessary. You can also manually backup in iTunes by by going to Summary page of your iOS device. Under the Backups section you can choose to backup to iCloud or “This Computer”. Make sure “This Computer” is selected if you want to use iTunes then click the “Back Up Now” button.

To restore in iTunes, go to the Device page and click the “Restore Backup” button. For added security you can also encrypt it. So if you have a lot of sensitive information on your device and worried that someone is going to steal the backups off your computer, you can set a password and encrypt it.

If you also backup your entire computer with Time Machine you can have a backup of your backup.