Pick up browsing right where you left off — on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac.

iCloud tabs makes your open Safari tabs available on all of your devices, so you can access the last websites you looked at anytime.

iCloud tabs in safari

iCloud tabs in safari

If you have a Mac with Mountain Lion installed as your OS, as well as an iOS device with iOS 6, then you’re already set to enable iCloud tabs. You can view any open tabs in Safari from all of your supported devices that have iCloud Safari preferences enabled. I use iCloud tabs quite a lot myself. For instance, say I’m browsing an interesting article on my iPad, then realize I’m late for work and have to run out the door. When I get to work I can just whip out my iPhone (when the boss isn’t looking) and continue browsing the page I was last on while I was using my iPad.

If iCloud is not already set up on your device, it’s a very simple process to enable it. On your iOS device open the Settings app -> Go to iCloud -> and turn Safari on. To enable it on your Mac go to System preferences -> iCloud -> and check the Safari box.

You have to be logged in under the same Apple ID on each device. Also, Safari iCloud tabs do not work while in Private browsing mode.